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Instanth NEO 13.75g Unflavoured powder diet

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Instanth NEO 13.75g Unflavoured powder diet

Instanth Neo is a tasteless powdered diet for oral administration in the dietary management of mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.

Instanth Neo is an exclusive combination of nutrients intended for people with neurological diseases, and especially for patients with mild symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. It contains the necessary elements to create new synaptic connections in the brain.

A very important aspect of this diet is its neutral taste. It will perfectly match natural dishes, creating a wholesome meal.


- wholesome, high-calorie - contains essential nutrients - fats, vitamins and minerals,
- the main source of carbohydrates are maltodextrins, which are easily absorbed by the digestive tract,
- unflavoured powdered diet - it can be added to natural food, e.g. juice, yoghurt or any other dish,
convenient to use sachets,
- It does not contain fiber (it is residue-free), lactose, glucose and gluten.


- for people with neurological diseases, mainly in the early and mild stages of Alzheimer's disease,
- for elderly people struggling with lack of appetite and apathy.


Pour the sachet into 20 ml of water and stir until completely dissolved. You can also add it to juices, yoghurts, soups and milk.

In the adaptation phase, we suggest consuming Instanth Neo after meals.

    Energy value of Instanth Neo 55 g (4 sachets)380 kcal = 1596 kJ
    Carbohydrates:13 g
    sugar0 g
    Total fats, including:35 g
    saturated fat34 g
    capric acid15 g
    caprylic acid20 g
    fat trans0 g
    DHA180 mg
    Dietary fiber0 g
    Sodium59 mg
    Magnesium128 mg
    Zinc3,1 mg
    Selenium56 mcg
    Vitamin D41 mcg
    Niacin16 mg
    Vitamin B620 mg
    Vitamin B126,8 mcg
    Vitamin C240 mg
    Vitamin E31 mg
    Folic acid289 mcg
    Choline459 mg


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