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NutriPharma is willing to cooperate with local distributors (wholesalers, medical and herbal shops, pharmacies). We also cooperate with palliative and long-term care centers, social welfare homes, and nutrition counseling centers all over Poland. We offer discounts, preferential terms of payment and delivery.

Konto biznes

We are also open to cooperation in the Dropshipping system!

To take advantage of the preferential cooperation program, simply create an account on our business platform or contact us.

Create an account on the business platform

We also invite you to place orders by phone or e-mail:

Do you have any questions?

Our consultant will be happy to help and answer your questions about our medical nutrition products.

Contact the hotline:

720 877 720

Monday - Friday from 8.00-16.00

(connection payable in accordance with the Operator's Tariff)

or with a representative:

Ida Hoffmann 600 338 071

Nutripharma Office:

Nutripharma Sp. z o.o.

Al. Zwycięstwa 13A

80-219 Gdańsk

If you want to pay for the order by traditional bank transfer, the bank account number below:

38 1950 0001 2006 0036 6417 0005

Idea Bank S.A.


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