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Enteral nutrition at home - Nutripharma at home

Żywienie dojelitowe w warunkach domowych - Nutripharma w domu

Enteral nutrition at home - for who?

Home enteral nutrition is intended for patients who are no longer hospitalized, but still unable to receive oral nutrition or unable to meet their nutritional needs in this way.

To meet your needs, we have included this service in our portfolio in the shop / home nutrition tab.

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What is home nutrition?
Enteral nutrition at home takes place through the supply of ready-made industrial diets directly into the gastrointestinal tract through an artificial access (probe or PEG).

Diets along with equipment for the supply of diets are delivered directly to the patients' homes.

We provide consultations by phone and via the contact form in the field of home nutrition, diet selection and the method of supply

Enteral feeding diets can be administered as boluses (measured portions) using syringes or by drip infusion (gravity or using a perpetual pump).

Of course, Trophic preparations can also be administered via drip infusions using special delivery kits with a bag.

Our offer includes two enteral nutrition packets. Trophic diets only - for simple bolus supply or a complete home nutrition kit that includes the Trophic diets with bag supply kits.

Feeding initiation conditions

To start enteral nutrition at home, you must have artificial access to the gastrointestinal tract.

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Expert support - manual
If you are looking for professional support from experts, we recommend the latest manual for patients fed enterally at home, created by a team of people who have been involved in artificial gastrointestinal nutrition at home for many years. Some authors are also patients, so they can present a sick person's point of view and share their experiences.

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