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The Guide tab was created with our clients in mind!

Here you will find answers to many bothering questions about medical nutrition, many interesting articles, but also technical tips for navigating on our website

Our goal is to spread nutritional therapy in a way that is accessible and accessible to all.

The creation of the guide aims to help in choosing a diet, but we also want it to be a compendium of knowledge about medical nutrition. We share our knowledge and experience with you with great pleasure and joy.

We have created a nutritional guide especially for you for patients fed at home. Download it as a PDF from the link below and take advantage of the knowledge in a nutshell.

Nutritional guide

1. Żywienie medyczne

What is medical nutrition?

Who is medical nutrition for?

Types of medical diets

2. Enteral nutrition at home

How to nourish a sick person at home?

Diets for the probe in home nutrition

Recipes with Trophic diets Nutripharma

3. Nutripharma in the media

Nutritional support in disease - article

Immax and Instanth Science Neo- webinars

Czasopismo Razem nr 1 2021
Czasopismo W sanatorium nr 7,  grudzien 2020

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4. Certificates and declarations of our products


5. Nutripharm store - instruction

How to place an order

Where can I go for help in choosing the right diet

Where to find the details for the payment of the order

Where can I buy the Nutripharma diets


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