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About us

The Nutripharma company was founded out of passion and love for other people. We have combined a passion for medicine and a weakness for dietetics. Our goal is to spread nutritional therapy and make it available to every patient in need.

We help not only in choosing the right enteral diet, but also support the patient at every stage of his disease. We conscientiously pursue our goals, broaden our knowledge and meet the expectations of our pupils. You can find us at the largest medical conferences in Poland, webinars and social media. We have reached many hospitals, we cooperate with the best doctors in Poland and medical institutions.

Behind the success of Nutripharma there are people who love their work and carry out their daily duties with passion. Each day gives us new opportunities, and the people we meet are the greatest motivation for further action.


Founder of Nutripharma, dietitian and passionate woman. He has extensive experience that he translates into his work every day. Full of optimism and empathy towards other people. She likes challenges, and unsolvable problems do not exist for her. Privately, a mother of two children, a vegetarian and passionate about dance. Ida is a creator of ideas and a motivator to act. She is happy to represent our company at conferences, and Nutripharma is her great passion.

Simplicity and naturalness

The portfolio of Nutripharma includes the highest quality products for oral and tube nutrition for patients at risk of malnutrition associated with the disease. You will find there high-calorie and high-protein diets, which are recommended as dietary support for patients struggling with the disease, in the perioperative period and during convalescence.

Mission Nutripharma

Our goal is to promote health and wellness for those who have specific nutritional needs. We focus on products with natural ingredients and an uncomplicated diet. We want the products we offer to be easy to supply, both for patients and their caregivers, who will be able to handle the selection and use of appropriate nutritional support on their own.

Nutripharma is also the sole distributor in Poland of the world-famous brand Prodiet Medical Nutrition. We offer flagship products of this manufacturer: EnergyZip 200 ml and a product line for the Trophic 1000 ml probe. Prodiet products are characterized by modern, rich compositions based on natural products, as well as being affordable. Very convenient and ecological packaging perfectly fits in our mission of promoting health and well-being. The butterfly in the Prodiet logo represents the building process and constant evolution. Along with the development of the brand, we will expand our range with new, innovative products.

Meet Prodiet Nutrition


Here you will find certificates and declarations for our products.

Certificates and declarations


Nutripharma is your Enteral Nutrition Center! You will find easy access to enteral nutrition diets, an uncomplicated choice, telephone and on-line advice, and delivery to any place in Poland in just 1 business day. To meet your expectations, we have created a place where the products of our leading brand Prodiet are available, as well as other products available on the market.

We follow the philosophy of Nutricare Nutritional Care that we want to surround you with. This means that we believe in the salutary and invaluable function of nutrition in the recovery process. Nutritional care is a very important and often underestimated element of patient care.

An integral, inseparable and completely natural part of the therapy that really influences the healing processes. We know that proper nutrition gives strength to fight the disease, motivates and improves the well-being of patients and their families.

Because who among us does not know the meaning of Grandma's reassuring hot broth, invaluable in illness ..?

Nutritional values, natural ingredients, loving care, empathy and heart are what the slogan of Nutricare is behind all our activities.

Let us take care of you and your loved ones.

Prizes and awards

The Prodiet Clinical Nutrition company, of which we are the exclusive distributor in Poland, has been honored and awarded by the American Society for Outside and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN)! Prodiet's research on the effectiveness of the Instath Neo diet against memory deficits caused by the infusion of cerebroventricular amyloid-β peptide (AßOs) oligomers took first place in two categories: Nutrition and Metabolism and Best International Study 2020. Prodiet focuses on innovation and the impact of science on high quality of products.
We are very proud that the awarded Instanth Neo diet is available in our range.

Meet Instanth Neo

Nutripharma On-line Store

In our store, there are various products for oral enteral nutrition and for administration by a tube (probe, PEG). Orders can be made via the online store or by phone, and the delivery is made in just 1 business day! No queues, no leaving home, no lifting. Convenient and cheap.

Order on-line

Our portfolio is simple and flexible, tailored to your needs. As our patients are the most important to us, we are happy to respond to your changing requirements.

We offer hypercaloric, high-protein, residue-free and residue-free diets for oral and tube feeding for the treatment and prevention of disease-related malnutrition.

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