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Portfolio - Nutripharma industrial diet

In our portfolio you will find high-quality equivalents of nutritional drinks available on the market. EnergyZip diets are distinguished by their unique taste, velvety and non-thick texture and ecological packaging.

Our Portfolio is divided into:

- according to the intended use for oral diets and for supply through a probe,
- According to the characteristics, high-calorie and high-protein.
- and also by form, e.g. powdered diet
- or specific characteristics, e.g. fiber diets.

    All this so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

    In case of problems with finding the right product
    please contact us (chat, e-mail, phone)

    Portfolio Nutripharma - see pdf

    Oral diets

    High-calorie and protein-rich oral diets are distinguished by a variety of delicious flavors and rich compositions. They can be ordered individually or in sets at a favorable price.

    Diets for tube feeding

    In our offer you will also find nutritionally complete high-calorie and high-protein diets for feeding through a probe or PEG (Trophic line). They provide all the necessary nutrients. When given an appropriate volume, they can constitute the sole source of food. Suitable for enteral nutrition at home, in a very convenient 1L tetra pack, which allows easy feeding of the diet with a syringe

    Order diets for the probe

    The Trophic diet line includes:

    - Trophic 1.5 is 1500 kcal is a nutritionally complete, hypercaloric and high-protein diet for enteral nutrition through a tube or for oral administration,

    - Trophic Basic 1200 kcal is a normocaloric and high-protein diet containing the recommended portion of all essential nutrients (proteins, sugars, fats, minerals and vitamins) accumulated in a small volume,

    - Trophic Fiber 1200 kcal is a nutritionally complete, high-energy 1000 ml liquid diet. It does not contain sucrose, so it can be used by patients with diabetes or glycemic disorders.

    Learn more about probe diets

    Powdered diets

    New formula diets, very easy to use, high in calories, tasteless.

    Trophic Basic Powder is a unique It is a specialized wholesome diet that can be administered orally or through a gavage directly into the digestive tract in the powder. You can prepare a diet of any calorific value - normo or hypercaloric (depending on the selected dilution). It can be easily added to natural food without changing the taste of e.g. gruel, porridge, pudding, milk, coffee or other meals

    Powdered diets

    Immunonutrition - nutrition to improve immunity

    All products of our leading brand Prodiet Medical Nutrition contain a unique mixture of antioxidants and Omega-3 acids that stimulate the immune system, supporting immunity and natural recovery processes. Immunotherapy (immunonutrition) is a modern trend that perfectly fits the newest, holistic approach to patients and medical therapies.

    New products - on sale now!

    Due to the continuous development of the company, our range has been expanded with new, specialized products.

    Diamax - an oral diet that nourishes and controls glycemia in diabetics without the content of vanilla-flavored fiber.

    Specialized HDMax formula - necessary to supplement nutritional losses for patients with renal failure requiring dialysis. HDMax will be available for sale soon.

    Read more - what are Special diets

    Instanth Neo- available soon, tasteless powdered diet for oral administration in the dietary management of mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.

    Meet Instanth Neo:

    Immax 350 g - A high-protein and residue-free powdered diet intended for people with impaired taste and appetite, as well as cancer patients.

    Meet Immax:

    Peptimax- is a rapid absorption formula, ideal for minimizing intestinal disorders such as acute diarrhea and digestive disorders.

    Meet Peptimax:

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