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Nutripharma shopping voucher 50 PLN

50.00 zł

Shipping time: 1 days

Are you looking for a gift for a loved one who benefits from medical nutrition?

We invite you to purchase a voucher worth PLN 50 to be used in our store.

After placing an order for a Gift Voucher, you will receive a unique code for the amount assigned to it. To activate it, when placing an order, enter its value in the box on the right.

The order amount will be reduced by the value of the Voucher.


1. The voucher may only be used to purchase goods at

2. The voucher is not exchangeable for cash (in whole or in part) and is not refundable.

3. The period of validity of the Voucher is 3 months from the date of its sale, in accordance with the date shown on it. Failure to use the Voucher within the period indicated on it is tantamount to losing its validity and shall not constitute grounds for the Holder to claim against the Publisher in this regard.

4. The voucher is a form of payment for the goods purchased at

5. In the case of purchase of goods with a value lower than the value of the Voucher, the Holder shall not be entitled to a refund of the remaining, unused amount;

6. In the case of purchasing goods with a value higher than the value of the Voucher, the Holder is obliged to pay the difference;

7. The voucher has an expiry date, after which it loses its validity. The validity period of the Voucher does not change. After the expiry of the validity of the Voucher, payments cannot be made with it.

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